moorish patio ground floor

The interior patio is a traditional architectural feature of the Mediterranean basin and especially Andalucia and Morocco, where  the Roman and Muslim styles come together. 

Originally these courtyards would have been open to the elements, but practicality largely reigns and in the case of riad lolita there is a glass skylight (conservatory style) that covers the patio. This means that one can be indoors, but enjoy the warmth and the natural light of the outdoors throughout the house. 

Riad Lolita's courtyard is traditional in style with columns and a marble floor. There is lots of vegetation, which only enhances the feel of indoor-outdoors. 

There are sofas, coffee tables and chairs in the patio where one can use the house wifi. This is a wonderful spot to enjoy your breakfast and catch up on some emails, with the honesty coffee and tea station.  

There is a communal wc by the patio. 

Guests staying in the suites, double bedrooms and the family suite all have unlimited use of the moorish patio.